Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Actresses who could play Joan...

So lately, I've been wanting to see a new biographical film about Joan Crawford.
No, nothing like Mommie Dearest (although I have a sneaking admiration/respect for Faye Dunaway's achievement in it),
(and I suspect Crawford would not disagree...)
 but something more along the lines of an HBO arty-type film, with a script based on the books Conversations With Joan Crawford and Crawford: The Last Years.
It would give us a chance to see her as her life and career were winding down, along with a few flashbacks to when she was the biggest Star (in an Age of Stars) of American Cinema.
(a favorite picture, taken during the waning)
My choice for the young, vibrant, pop-eyed Joan of the late 20's/early 30's flashbacks would be...Amanda Seyfried (my choice may or may not be influenced by the fact that I've seen Mean Girls twice in the last few days).

Although they don't look exactly similar, Seyfried's got those spooky-blue Joan Crawford eyes, as well as a sense of fun married with DETERMINATION.
(picture Amanda with red hair and you might see what I mean)
And if the running time allowed, Sean Young could portray the mid-40's Crawford recounting her terror on Oscar Night 1946, when she knew she wouldn't win, when nobody would vote for her, when she was over the hill.
(Sean Young actually looks and acts a lot like the classic Crawford of the 1940's,

with her strong cheekbones, eyebrows, lips, rigid posture and defensive sensuality).

But who could do justice to the Older Joan (the one who makes up the majority of my fantasy screenplay, talking about her life)?

Sigourney Weaver (like Crawford) was/is a striking, unconventional beauty, too intelligent/too determined, to be sexy in an obvious way (even when forced to appear in her undies on film):

And as a mature actress, she (like Crawford) reveals more of herself emotionally than is always comfortable to watch.

(just watch The Ice Storm and you'll see what I mean)
And physically, the resemblance to the aging Crawford is startling.

Tall and upright, Weaver's all teeth, sunken cheekbones, strong brows, huge white eyes and gravitas.
Like Crawford, she's even done the bondage bit for the sake of a role.

(It's kind of disgusting/depressing what the culture requires of women, just so they can remain employable)
Nevertheless, however trashy the project (Strait-Jacket or Copycat) both do their damndest to make it worth the viewer's time and money.
For that alone, Sigourney would be a good chance to play Joanie.
I'd welcome any more suggestions about actors worthy to play Joan Crawford.


Annikat said...

I wish I wish I wish someone would make a Joan Crawford movie about her life! Great casting suggestions. I often daydream about portraying the young Lucille who shows up chubby and unrefined at the MGM studio.

rmjag said...

xtina can play the title role in Joan's last movie , ' Trog ' . she is perfect for the part .